I’m losing my job

It’s okay, really. The third time in 2010 actually so, I’m pretty sure I’ll get over it…  new things are on the horizon so there is no need to panic.

My upcoming job loss has been a source of great inconvenience not to me to my clients.

I work in a store, which has two other locations in the area. And when I hand them a coupon at the end of their transaction and tell them the store is closing — they are annoyed.

“You mean I have to _____?! That’s so inconvenient!”

“UGH! I hate ______ I am not going there. I am just going to have to shop online”

“You’re kidding. That’s so sad. I do not want to go all the way out to the West End.”

This other location… “The West End” is probably less than 10 minutes from where they are standing at that exact moment.

Sure, there’s a little congestion there as far as traffic is concerned… but seriously. It’s 10 minutes away.

If I wanted to be fired instead of laid off I’d ask them if they want to switch places… I’ll drive to the West End to shop, and they can lose their jobs.

Instead, I tell them the situation is pretty inconvenient for all of us.

That’s where about 50% of people realize that I’m losing my job.  The next question is inevitably “What are you going to do?” which I appreciate, but don’t really always want to talk about with a complete stranger or someone I’ve helped once or twice.

And they don’t always have the most constructive things to say…

In November, before it looked like I had something more or less lined up… I had this exchange with a client:

(I’m in bold, she’s in italics)

“…and just so you know this location is closing January 22nd- “

“It’s what?”

“We’re closing January 22nd but you can still shop at …. and … .”

“You’re kidding. That’s awful, what are you going to do?”

“I’ll be looking for another job, I guess. I have a little time, I’m not too worried”

“You’re not. Well (pause) good for you. I would be.”

“Well, worrying doesn’t really help the situation so-“

“Yeah, but I mean, it’s tough out there. I don’t mean to be negative… but it’s tough. I’m surprised  you’re not worried… that’s awful.”

“Well,  again, I have a little time so, I’m not really worrying yet.”

“Wow. Well, good luck to you. I mean that.” she shakes her head and walks away.

I wasn’t shaken necessarily by the exchange.  And to be honest, I’m not all that annoyed by the other comments… but it does remind me that sometimes, a simple  “I’m sorry to hear that.” will do.

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