“I’m going insane”

No, not Max… Hudson… the rarely speaking nearly 3 year old has been singing “na-na-na na-na-na” grabbing my face getting up to it and saying “I’M GOING INSANE!!” and making crazy faces all morning.

I get Max, I always have ever since he was born we were just in sync… Hudson has always mystified me. I absolutely love that about him.  Hudson is what I imagine a sprite to be… he flits around the house smiling and on his tippy-toes in his own little world. He sang before he could talk and climbed before we walked. But I guess you can only stand sprite-land for so long before you “go insane.”


One thought on ““I’m going insane”

  1. That is a true statement (going insane by trying to live in the Sprite world and human world at the same time). It was the basis for White Wolf’s RPG “Changeling.” Didn’t stick around nearly long enough. I loved it.

    Sorry for the random geek out there. 🙂


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