awkward moment

When I’m on my hands and knees in mismatched pajamas, braless (sorry for the visual), make up free, preshowered, two wildly barking dogs, a crying child stripping off his own diaper and 4 year old playing computer games… this is when the Jehovah Witness come to the door with some booklets for me to read in my free time. To them, I must look like I really need help.
What’s your most awkward door-to-door moment?

3 thoughts on “awkward moment

  1. Sarah! it’s been just short of forever, but I love checking up on your life and knowing you are happy and have such wonderful special joyful children. Also mad photo skills.

    Do you remember Mr. Brennar from high school, Josh’s dad? He was my math teacher for 3 years, I bombed a test senior year and that night coming down the stairs in my pajamas I saw him at the door talking to my mother. My heart stopped…Could it be, I had failed so badly that my teacher had come to my house? Turns out he was just spreading the word of the church of latter day saints.


    • Good to see you!
      So glad you like the blog!

      Yeah that would have scared me half to death! Of course, I was pretty accustomed to failing math tests… but we wont talk about that…


  2. I don’t have an awkward one so much as I have a “sometimes my life is a poorly-written sitcom” one. I was home alone, eating Chinese food, when I read my fortune cookie. It said, “Don’t be hasty. Prosperity will soon be knocking on your door”. No joke, two seconds later there was a knock at the door. Out loud, I said, half-expecting it to be a possibility…”Prosperity?”

    Turns out it was the guy next door wondering if we had an extension cord he could borrow. Next best thing.


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