The balancing act begins.

When I started this blog, I had 2 jobs.  I lost the first one in November and then was notified of my second lay off in December.

January 22nd I started my longest stretch of unemployment since college. Even my maternity leave when having the boys was barely more than a month.

For the entire month of February I literally felt like I had NOTHING to do.

Yes– I have these two adorable children and being a full-time mom is not always easy but it was a picnic compared to all morning with the kids, job A at 3:00 and job B at 6-11, repeat or job B from 8 – 4:30 and rush home to take care of the kids while Jeff is at rehearsal until 11pm.

Even with house hunting and packing, this whole thing has felt like one giant vacation– I’ve loved it!

Now, here’s what happens in April:

Move in to our new house!! – which needs some immediate electrical work and a new fence pronto.

New 40 hour a week job begins Tuesday-Saturday!!! WOO! More details later.

I begin rehearsals for 2 shows and a staged reading!

Reading in April, short play in May, King Lear in June.

This means that April – June there will be days where I go to work at 9am and get home at 10:30 or 11pm.

In April, the balancing act begins.

Oddly, these kind of schedules feel more normal to me, hopefully I didn’t get too spoiled these past two months. It’s going to mean waking up at 6 so I can get ready before the kids wake up and spend sometime with them. Sundays will be sacred. And SUPER time management -at which I’m only so-so. I intend to keep blogging, though forgive me if it’s less frequent.

Often when things get busy this way, I hear “I don’t know how you do it.”  I’m not entirely sure. Typically I say “this is the life we chose for ourselves” which is true. But hopefully by blogging during this craziness I’ll be able to share a tidbit 0r two on how we manage around here.

I’ll keep the Shows page updated as I get information

and for my Max followers you can always get them here.

Tonight, I’ll be joining Justin on the J-Lowdown who will be covering a wide range of topics.  Hopefully he won’t hate me for not knowing a thing about Lady Gaga! 😉

Alright all you busy people! How do you all manage busy lives? Do you have time-savers, time management or life/work balance tips to share?

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