Our new house, a lesson in patience.

I fell in love with this house after I saw the online listing.

Like most things, there was nothing logical about it. It’s a three bedroom (we were looking for 4) and it has some awkward qualities (like a stove next to a door and no bathroom on the first floor.) But there was something so sweet and lovely about it.

I have no other way to put it except that waking up in it every day makes me happy.

That being said, once you move in, you can’t really help but look at a new house this way:

(Lou, our inspection guy is on the roof… hi Lou!)

And it doesn’t stop there. Let’s look at the kitchen:


Jeff and I being kind of “gung-ho” types are learning an important lesson in pacing.

Take the living room for example:

Most of our old furniture is downstairs in the den (which isn’t fit to be photographed) so it’s a bit sparse… no coffee table, no tv yet, rug, extra seating etc…

Our instinct, being excellent consumers, was to go out and buy more living room. But I thought about our problem with stuff.  Pretty much everything in this room makes me extremely happy (except the two lamps, the bar stool, the space heater and the blinds left on the ground in front of the window… the few things left make me extremely happy).

If we ran out and got stuff to “fill” the living room we wouldn’t be getting something because we love it, but because we feel we need it. And we don’t.  Besides, rushing out would result in one of two things: we’ll just spend more money replacing the items we buy now later, or more likely, we never replace said items because the ones we got work fine and Jeff is forced to listen to me complain about them.

SO we’re learning something about patience… and making our house into something that makes us absolutely happy little by little, one project or sunburst mirror at a time.

I’m adding our home improvement/nesting efforts into The Motherblog, which was intended to be about finding the balance between parenting, working, theatre and the rest of it. I feel like it fits right in. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of mom stuff and Max stuff to share!

Since I’m currently pretty obsessed with our new house, tomorrow I’ll post a picture of the most decorated room in the house and a room that makes me happy pretty much all the time. Thanks for letting me share another aspect of our crazy life with you all!


Tell me! What is the first room decorated in the place you live in now? What room is your favorite? and (or) what is one thing in your home that makes you happy every time you see it? Post your comment here on the blog!

2 thoughts on “Our new house, a lesson in patience.

  1. ha ha we still haven’t completely decorated a whole room 🙂 But white paint in the kitchen for temporary fix on cabinets does a world of wonder!

    Love the house, you did good.


    • Yeah, the problem is, we have knotty pine and the knots “burn” through. We are probably going to paint them white for a couple of years and when they burn through, replace them.


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