Future DIY kid.

This is Duncan:

SHE is wild, and adorable, and sweet… and she likes to chew.

So it’s not entirely too unusual to wake up to something like this:

Which is happens to be exactly what we woke up to the other morning.  Max was very disappointed. A while later, while I was getting Hudson ready for the day Max marched by demanding to know where I put his tools.  I told him and thought nothing of it. Here’s what I found when I came downstairs about 10 minutes later:

Max diligently working on putting the chewed up pieces back together… Complete with glasses (safety first!)

He actually did a pretty good job. Unfortunately, there was no hope and the whole fan had to be trashed.  Max stopped me as I scooped up the pieces…

“Not the battery though! The battery is still good. We can save it.”

I like his attitude.

Jeff has already put our mini handyman to good use, and Max unscrewed both the hinges off the kitchen cabinet doors.

We’ll be putting him to work more often.

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