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Kitchen Makeover Part Deux- The Demolition Continues.

Today was the first day of Jeff’s spring break… he was put straight to work.

I posted Saturday that we pulled down the cabinets, today (after getting to work from home- yay!)

We- um I mean he (hi honey) started in on the rest of the cabinets and the ugly probably used to be white but is now a weird (read: dirty) yellow vinyl back splash.

The second set was relatively straight forward… bigger, but made a huge difference.

Yes, that is a mushroom cloud of dirt.

The next part was going to be slightly more challenging.  We had to get rid of the shelf dangerously close to the stove. Please note that there is also an outlet right there, above the “things that don’t seem safe” stove. A stove on the other side of a door… with an electrical outlet (one of the 3 grounded outlets in the house by the way) aaaand a cabinet directly above that had something hanging from it at some point in time.  That is one hell of a dangerous cooking space.

If you’re like me, you’re ignoring the cabinets (and other dangerous items) and looking at the absolutely perfect green stool… The color is called Enchanted Forest. Its fabulous. I think you’ll be seeing more of that color because I’m totally smitten with it.

But back to shelves.  I somehow convinced Jeff to pull that out tonight too. (Did I mention he’s awesome?)

This proved to be a bit trickier because it was nailed to the adjacent shelf and there wasn’t much room to maneuver — anywhere. It did however provide a perfect opportunity for a fabulous butt shot of Jeff being handsome and handy in his “I’m ripping out cabinets and being handsome and handy” shirt. Really. It’s called that.

So then we were left with this:

SURPRISE! They never finished that part of the cabinet. Oops.

Hmm… and the vinyl back splash was at one point glued on to the wall… so there will be some scraping.

And I’m not sure what to do about the cubby holes… think we should keep them? cover them? any ideas are welcome.  Pots will likely hang above the stove there and that awkward utensil board will come down as well.

And there’s another dilemma (’cause there can’t be just one) The kitchen is super bright white which we loved the idea of until we realized we are tearing down a wall (The real “we” this time, I’m looking forward to it) this summer to open up the kitchen. Bright white doesn’t really flow well with the pretty Antique Beige of the living room, besides, it’s a flat color and harder to clean. So we picked up a yellow sample, Lemon Cream, and put a few tester spots on the wall. So far, I’m not convinced. But I’ve yet to see it in the daylight.

Tomorrow, a trip to Ikea for a new dresser (my clothes are still in Rubbermaid bins from the move)

In the meantime, sleep… If we can stop Hudson from “sneaking” out of his bed. Here, this pillow will totally stop them from seeing me!

(Excuse the picture quality, I had to snap it quick before sending him back.)

MUCH more amusing when you haven't been working on the house all day.

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover Part Deux- The Demolition Continues.

  1. At least Hudson’s pillow matched the stool.

    As far as the cubby holes go, I kind of love them for some reason. I don’t know, maybe I have fond cubby memories from my short time in public elementary school. They would be nice places for little decorative accents or for pretty bottles of olive oil or whatever…


  2. Sorry, I couldn’t concentrate on your blog, i was too taken with the enchanted forest….btw is that also an enchanted forest teapot and Hudson hiding pillow?


    • haha I couldn’t concentrate on writing it just THINKING about the Enchanted Forest! And in fact, you are correct, I actually color matched the stool to the tea kettle because I’m just a nerd like that. As for the pillow, happy accident. Maybe he thought he’d blend right in…


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