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Pig-Pen Watches a Movie.

Hudson isn’t what you call a “still” child.

Here are a few pictures of him watching “Cars” in his diaper while I worked this morning and Jeff took Max out for errands.

The stool he got from the kitchen.  I have no idea why.

You’ll note he’s not wearing any clothing. There seems to be a current boycott.

And finally…

He watched almost the entire movie dancing around the stool this way.

6 thoughts on “Pig-Pen Watches a Movie.

  1. Hudson is my little heartmelter. After we had the Battle of the Diaper the other night, he eventually calmed down and I got him laughing with some silly faces. Then just before I tucked him in, he gave me a kiss and said “Bye, Caroline, bye!”

    What I’m saying is, your kid is weird, and I freaking love him.


    • He is weird. But in a really awesome way that cracks me up… and he’s really perfected how to turn on the cute. Tonight when he was “sneaking” out of bed he kept saying “Mom, I want to talk to you…”
      yeah, right.


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