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Dinner’s Hidden Dangers.

This was Max at dinner time tonight, he ate about 4 pieces of sushi (the vegetarian kind) and 1 piece of fish sushi (he said tonight he’d be a flexitarian – which he explained meant he could move in lots of different ways AND sometimes eat fish). Apparently, the only thing he doesn’t like about sushi is the rice.

He asked what the “pink stuff” was and we said it was ginger and it was a bit spicy. Then we offered some of the eel roll. Max is afraid of food that might be spicy.  He explained why…

“I better not eat anything too spicy because if I eat something to spicy I might breath fire and then this whole table would be on fire. In fact, if I was at my old school. At Montessori school. If I was there and I ate something spicy and  breathed fire everywhere and the children were there, and someone walked in front of me, they would die. So I’d better not eat spicy food.  I better not breathe fire.”

He pauses for a moment.

“It would be cool.

But would not be safe. ”

So basically, trying the eel roll could endanger our entire family.  With an argument like that, who can argue?

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