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Pirate Rules.

Max explained the rules of being a pirate, I wrote them down verbatim.  At a certain point he realized that I was writing it down… it quickly became a bit of a performance. Imagine the rest as one big quote:

Okay, Rule 1: A Pirate should always hold swords and be angry, mad. Well let’s just say, they have to be serious. A pirate is always–  have to hold a sword to defend against it’s enemies.

Rule 2: you have to use your imaginations, and let’s just say that a pirate when you always see land, when you get on to it, you should bring your sword with you. And I think that’s it.

And one more thing “LAND HO!”

When you want to go on a pirate ship, you gotta go to Max’s house and get a pirate ship, he just moved, so it might be kinda tiring.

And that’s the end of the pirate rules.

But wait–


Come aboard the pirate ship at Max’s house.

Let’s just say “The end of the pirate rules!”

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