I Have the Cutiest Little Girls.

I get that compliment a lot.  Which is terribly sweet.  Except I have two boys.

Lets look and see why people might be saying that:

Okay… so they have pretty hair. But I love it.  Besides, it looks super cool with a leather jacket:

But Max, over hearing he made a pretty little girl insisted on a haircut.

My mother in law took him (I wouldn’t have had the strength) and Max picked out his own “boys haircut”

He looks very… preppy. Adorable. And preppy.

Hudson, not much for hair cuts but clearly getting annoyed with his hair in his face and on his neck on hot days stayed home.

Well, somehow it didn’t seem right to have one preppy boy and one ambiguous boy so I decided, at a characteristically inappropriate time, to cut Hudson’s hair myself.

I was worried about a complete disaster since I’m neither particularly good with scissors or with cutting hair on a moving target but after about two attempts my little girl is now a little boy again.

Here’s Max (I’m still getting used to his)

And now Hudson’s:

So Hudson’s hair turned out alright.  I’ll probably keep it short through the summer, as I get better I’ll create a “how to cut hair on a moving target” post.

There is a lot more news to share! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to the computer soon!  Thanks for your patience!

5 thoughts on “I Have the Cutiest Little Girls.

  1. Oh sad, i love their long, beautiful hair. They do look very boy now though, no one should call them girls anymore! They look adorable! Max looks so old…


    • I know, I loved the long hair too. I figure, by winter they’ll be their mop headed selves… seems like we’re on a yearly haircut schedule. haha!


  2. I looove their long hair, but they’re just cute either way 🙂 I used to get boy comments all the time with Bryce, and now with Mina too.. My bald-headed babies. Even when they’re wearing pink and purple.


    • It’s so funny to me that more than clothes, hair is what establishes boys and girls…

      Although, I have to say, a lot of moms in Richmond dress their babies/toddlers in these smocked outfits and until I can make out whether or not that’s an embroidered truck or and embroidered flower I have no idea what gender baby is… if it’s an embroidered animal, I’m stumped. It doesn’t help that its common to have girls names be their mother’s maiden names so Allen in a little blue smocked outfit could be a girl or a boy…


  3. oh man, i get that ALL the time with Miles. His hair is Harry Potter messy, blonde and skater/surfer. He could be wearing the most boy clothing in the world and people still think he’s a girl. On another weird note, a lady thought Olivia was a boy today. She had pigtails in and was wearing a dress -_-


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