When the going gets tough… enjoy the little things.

Okay… so that’s not how it goes…

I realize things have been pretty quiet here at the MotherBlog. I worried this would happen.  While our family balances work and family time like most families, there’s an additional complication in the mix: theatre.

These days I am knee-deep in  Richmond Shakespeare‘s King Lear playing Regan (there I am on the left looking all Regan-y)

Photo by Eric Dobbs

While I love being a part of King Lear, it means much less family time. I work from 9-6 five days a week and rehearse 6:30-10:30 five days a week. several days may go by where I don’t see Max or Hudson awake.

It’s not easy. And while I think it’s something that is important for me to do for myself, I can’t say it makes me a better parent.

One thing I can take away from it, is that when life gets incredibly hectic, I learn not to take the precious hours (or minutes) at home for granted. If Hudson asks me to blow bubbles, I need to stop what I’m doing and go. It’s not practical, but the dishes can wait. When Max wants me to watch a movie with him. I do. It takes an incredible amount of energy but often, after blowing bubbles or cuddling with Max, I feel refreshed and refocused as if they somehow know what’s better for me than I do.

I have a choice, I can be mad or annoyed or frustrated that I don’t get to see my kids. Or nest in my new house. But I learned quickly that it’s not helpful and only ends up tainting the moments where I do get to be home. Besides, the truth is, This is the life I signed up for.

So that has been my overall focus in the past two weeks.  Taking the small moments and making them big moments.

I have some plans for a reupholster project this weekend I am very excited about I just need to find an awesome fabric!

Tell me. What do small changes do you make when things get really busy? What grounds you and keeps you going?

2 thoughts on “When the going gets tough… enjoy the little things.

  1. I’m finding myself in the same situation (minus the acting abilities). Reminding myself that the dishes, while they don’t do themselves, can wait. The laundry can get retumbled (and sometimes rewashed!). And while I may not understand the ins and outs of Lego Star Wars, it’s what my kid wants to talk to me about, so I’d darn well better listen. I’m a firm believer in quality moments over a whole bunch of mediocre ones. 🙂


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