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Don’t Forget to Write

Motherblog becomes Multifaceted Mama

Once again, this blog has been sitting here neglected.

But not forgotten.

There are so many things I wanted to write about.

But I never sat down to do it.

It doesn’t take long to start feeling guilty for not writing. Not like I have a billion readers but I thought, how can I come back now and just pretend like I haven’t neglected the blog for a year ?… and now two years?  I figured I’d scrap this blog all together and start over with a new concept called Multifaceted.

But despite the fact that this forgotten blog was sitting around collecting internet dust, I still kinda love it.  And, very surprisingly, people are still visiting (thank you).  So I’m scrapping the idea to scrap it (because I’ve got to scrap something) and I’m combining my Multifaceted concept with The MotherBlog.

One of the reasons The MotherBlog was so hard for me was because I had more facets of myself that I wanted to be able to share, and I got stuck in a bit of a rut just posting “big thoughts and feels” and so the other stuff just didn’t feel right.  So Multifaceted Mama is a way to share all those parts. Here you will find a little bit of introspection, a little bit of fluff, a little bit of domestic stuff, a little bit crafty stuff. It’s part journal, part playground.

I’ve got some big things to share (and little ones too). In the meantime, welcome back to the MotherBlog, now Multifaceted Mama.


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