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Saving Money: Shopkick App Review

I am not affiliated with Shopkick nor have I been contacted about a review, I just came across it, thought it was cool and wanted to pass it along. I am using a link which would get me “kicks” if you sign up.  If you want to try the app based on this review, please consider using my link here.

I feel like sometimes I go to Target 3x a week. I don’t even want to think about how often I got to Target, Kroger, Costco and MARTIN’S combined.  I got a lotta mouths to feed. With Christmas coming up I have no doubt I’ll be in and out of stores quite a bit.  Now at least I feel like Shopkick has been rewarding me for it.

I’m not sure where I came across the Shopkick App, but I thought I’d give it a try. With the app you get points (or “kicks”) for walking into stores, scanning items, and/or making purchases.  Points add up quickly and can be used to redeem gift cards to various stores such as Target, Starbucks, HomeGoods, Sephora and other prizes.

The way it’s used is pretty simple.

First download the app. Then, turn on your bluetooth and open the app when you’re out shopping to get kicks when you walk into stores listed on the app (Target, Kroger and many other frequently visited stores are on there).

Some stores may give you kicks for scanning certain items, if you have the time for a little scavenger hunt, you get additional kicks for scanning (not buying) items that show up within the app. Occasionally stores will offer additional kicks for making purchases.

For example, on a recent trip to Kroger I received 35 kicks just for walking in the door, while I was there I scanned Dreaming Tree wine for 20 additional kicks and if I had purchased the wine and scanned my receipt I would have gotten 150 more. Sharing the app with your friends will earn you additional kicks and they’ll start out with free kicks as well.

I went to the mall today to see how Shopkick would do there and got 35 kicks as I was walking past Yankee Candle. In addition to getting kicks off of your regular shopping trips, the app will let you know about deals and discounts in near by stores (50% off Gymboree for example).

ShopkickThe upside:
-Shopkick is free to download
-Purchases aren’t required for kicks
-The app is easy to use
-Many of my frequently used stores give kicks just for walking in
-Discover sales, promotions, new products

The downside:
-Having the bluetooth on all the time drains your battery
-You have to have the app open for walk-in kicks to register which means you need to remember to open it in the first place.
-If you want kicks for scans you might have to hunt for items.

After test driving the app for a month (and without sharing the app for extra points) I’ve earned enough to get a $5 gift card to Target. While that might not seem like much, I really didn’t make any extra effort to earn kicks.  If I had time to scan items I did, but sometimes I didn’t bother and I didn’t open the app every time I went into a store.

Earn Target Gift CardsIt’s certainly not a get rich quick scheme, but it is, at least eventually, free money.


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