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Getting Into the Holiday Spirit… In 70 Degree Weather

It’s 70-something degrees in Richmond right now, and even through we are usually a bit warmer in December this is kinda ridiculous.

I’m not feelin’ it folks.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the warmth… but with the weather being what it is we pretty much skipped the Christmas activities for the weekend, the boys ran around in their underwear, and we did a little yard work and tree hugging.

Tree hugger boy

I’m kind of proud of myself because this fall we managed to squeeze in some fun seasonal stuff like apple picking and pumpkin patches I’m hoping to do the same this winter.  I had a few things on my Holiday “Bucket List” and we’re doing pretty well with them so far…

1. Get a Christmas tree and decorate it. Duh and check.

2. Bake some cookies and decorate them. Check.

3. Go to Lewis Ginter Botantical Gardens and check out their GardenFest of Lights… Check.

Dominion GardenFest Richmond Va

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Richmond GardenFest


If you’re in Richmond and you haven’t been there, it’s beautiful. I hate to admit that this was our first time going to see the lights (we’ve been to the garden many times) but it’s definitely going to be a new yearly tradition.  We brought the stroller for Marlowe but Hudson ended up riding in it instead.

Lewis Ginter Dominion GardenFest 2015

I really want to go ice skating, but that’s just weird in 70 degree weather, so we’ll have to wait. So I started making a few tags and ornaments for Christmas presents.

Each year we make some decorations for our tree, last year we did salt dough but I didn’t like how puffy they were. This year I used some air dry clay, which is awesome except that it takes about 2 days to fully dry which requires patience… not my strong suit.

DIY ornaments and gift tagsD

I’ll update with how they turn out in a billion years when they dry, get painted, then dry again.

Speaking of painting, I’m working on a little project which ties in with another item on the bucket list: Hot cocoa by the fire… but it’s not quite ready yet. I can’t wait to show it off.

And, lastly I’m updating my milk-making cookie recipe to make it easier to follow and a cookie-er texture… if that’s a thing.

Back to the holidays… are you getting winter weather where you are? Does the weather affect how you celebrate the holidays?

3 thoughts on “Getting Into the Holiday Spirit… In 70 Degree Weather

    • I just want winter in December and maybe some of January and then I want spring. Haha by March 1 I expect cardigans over coats… Is that too much to ask? Haha
      Thanks for reading and for commenting. I will definitely be following your blog. I hope Thomas is feeling better! 😊


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