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Saying Yes

Last night I sat and helped my 9 year old sort over 500 Pokemon cards by type. I colored.  I played “mama bomb and baby bomb” with my 7 and 2 year old.

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Chaos at the dinner table. If you’ve ever sorted Pokemon cards then you know a glass of wine is absolutely required.

I would love to say that I always show interest in Pokemon… but I don’t. And it’s been awhile since I’ve played with stuffed animals.   I’m very good at saying “no”. No, I’m feeding the baby/doing the dishes/laundry/working/cooking/reading… I can’t right now.

And recently, my 2 year old said something to me that broke my heart.

“I’m busy.”

I don’t want to be a parent that says no. I want to be a parent that says yes. I’m great at saying yes to the things I already enjoy; I’ll sit and color and talk with them for days. When one of the kids asked for cookies, I got out the ingredients and baked them from scratch… but I’m not sure that really counts.

Yes, I will help you with that thing/watch that terrible show/read that book for the 100th time/play a game I know nothing about/listen to you talk about that thing that bores me to absolute tears.

I can’t always say yes. After all, the things I’m busy doing are usually  important (though, admittedly, not always).  But I can say yes more.

“Yes” when I really want to say no.  “Yes” when it’s easier to say no. “Yes” when I have to make the conscious effort to shut the computer/put down the phone/leave the dishes half done/leave the house unswept and follow their lead.


I always end up being glad I did it. After all, who knows… I may even learn a little bit about Pokemon along the way.

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4 thoughts on “Saying Yes

  1. This so resonates with me right now. I too have heard a comment similar to “I’m busy” that near broke my heart.

    I read something on Motherhood Rising last night that reminds me of this. She said her frustrations come out directed towards her kids when she is trying to complete her to do list. She thought about what it was she really wanted, and it was just to spend time with her littles. And so she did and she let go of everything else. I need to learn to let go. I’m still working on that.

    It’s such a crazy balancing act, motherhood. Keep up the good work, mama! 💓


    • I think we all fall into some version of it at one time or another. We think that what we are doing is so important at that moment but when we look at in the big picture it’s not.
      Thanks for reading!


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