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Your Baby at 6 Months: Painful.


Baby stage 6 months kissing mama

Langston turned 6 months old last week.

He sits up.
He has 5 teeth.
He drools.
He’s aaaaaalllmost ready to crawl.
He’s showing interest in food.
He plays with toys.
He laughs at his brothers.
He pulls the small hairs out of the back of my neck.
He claws my face with his razor sharp nails.
He eats my pony tail.
He sticks his fingers in my eyes and up my nose.
He bites my back when I wear him.

We have entered the painful stage of babyhood.
We don’t talk about this stage because we like to focus on how cute they are and they are really actively loving you back.  He just wants to love and be loved, and feel how squishy your eyeball is. He wants to play and cuddle and laugh at what you do when he bites your arm.  He wants your attention and your hair.

This is the stage where I get a little “touched out” by the end of the day.  My hair is always up in top knot and even then it’s not safe.

I love this stage… I think.  I’ll miss it… I think.

In the meantime, I’ll take lots of pictures because he’s pretty adorable.


2 thoughts on “Your Baby at 6 Months: Painful.

  1. Haha! All my boys got their teeth early. It’s great because they come out all at once, and it sucks because they bite, hard, and there’s not much you can do about. Also, his fine motor skills aren’t there yet so he can’t do much about it. His bottom two teeth came out at 4 months and every time he tried to put something in his mouth he’d end up smacking himself in the face. I think they’re just trying to keep up with their brothers. Marlowe walked at 9 months. It was ridiculous but all because of his brothers.


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