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Marlowe’s Picks: Favorite Bedtime Books for Toddlers

This article contains affiliate links to purchase some of our favorite bedtime stories. I make a small commission off your purchase. If you can’t buy these books locally, please consider purchasing through my affiliate link.


I’m not a routine person by nature, but when it comes to bedtime with the kids I have found having a routine makes a big difference. Every night when it’s time for bed we read three books (okay, okay, sometimes two), turn off the light and talk about our day. After that I sing a little song as I tuck him in.

I really, really, like kids books so we have a huge stack of them. Marlowe goes through phases when it comes to picking his bedtime stories. We’ll read more or less the same three books for a couple weeks and then switch gears. Here’s what he’s loving lately:

bedtime books for toddlers 2.jpg


little blue truck

Little Blue Truck
Trucks and animal sounds… this book combines a lot of toddler favorites. Little Blue Truck is also a sweet story about a little truck who helps out.


Big Red Barn
If this doesn’t put them to sleep, nothing will.
There is absolutely no action in this book what so ever… not that that’s a bad thing, it actually makes it a perfect wind down for bedtime book.

Very Busy Spider

The Very Busy Spider
I just love Eric Carle. Marlowe likes to trace the raised spider web with his fingers, of course there are animal sounds and repetition which toddlers love.  We’ve got a ton of Eric Carle books but this one is one of our favorites.


My aunt picked out this book for Marlowe and he loves it. He’s totally into dinosaurs and this book is silly, fun and has a great rhythm… so long as you don’t trip over the word Deinosuchus. I probably wouldn’t make this one last in the line up.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
It’s that time of year. A Christmas Carol is one of my husband’s favorite stories so we thought we’d get our boys started young. Kidding. Mostly. This book is mostly about color, but with your familiar characters from A Christmas Carol. You can tell the story as much or as little as you want with the characters (this makes a fun Christmas gift)

Pretty soon we’ll be reading a whole different set of books. I’ll share them here… in the meantime I’m going to go read the Very Busy Spider… again.

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