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I Jumped On the Stitch Fix Bandwagon. A Stitch Fix Review

So, I’ve been debating trying Stitch Fix for a long time.  I keep seeing Stitch Fix reviews and I’ve just been more and more curious.

Here were a few of my reservations about Stitch Fix:

  • I know my body (pretty) well I am a little bit of a tricky fit.
  •  I like shopping. In a store. For myself. By myself.
  • I have a really classic (read: boring) style and I’m currently stocked up on white, grey, and black t-shirts.

So, why did I try it?

  • Well, I’m a little bit of a tricky fit. I worked in retail for 10 years and there was nothing more frustrating than a client who had a specific concern and wouldn’t let me help them. Seriously. Nine times out of ten if they let me help we could find the clothes that would work for their body type. Not because I’m smarter than them, but just because I knew the clothes, I knew how they’d fit, and that’s what I was there for.  So, if the stylists at Stitch Fix are anything like me in retail they are screaming “I CAN HELP YOU!” in their heads.
  •  I like to shop… but I’ve got 4 kids and I don’t get a chance to shop for myself in a store. Time to try something different.
  • I have a really classic (read: boring) style and I’m currently stocked up on white, grey, and black t-shirts.  It’s nice to branch out. I want to branch out… but I always end up buying the black t-shirt.

Also: My loving husband got me a Stitch Fix gift certificate for Christmas because he’s amazing and I’ve been hemming and hawing about it for entirely too long.

Having a retail background actually helped a little bit because I was able to tell my stylist everything I wished customers would have told me.  Here’s what I said:

“I’m a mother of 4 boys ages 9 to 6 months. I’m a blogger & freelance social media manager.
I tend to lean towards a clean casual style (i.e. I have a lot of of black, white, and grey tees, jeans, joggers and flats) but I have a wide variety of tastes & open to branching out.
On bottom I’m a tricky fit. My thighs are proportionately larger than my hips & waist so stretchy fabrics are key. Button or deep v tops are great because I can nurse in them.”

Then I started up my pinboard


Click on the preview to see the whole thing. I made sure to try to note exactly what I liked about each item, although I admit that sometimes I slacked off and just said “all of it”.

So, the box.

I was asked what I wanted specifically from this box and I said I wanted a dress from my anniversary dinner, a nice blouse that does a little bit more than my standard t-shirt and jeans. I may have mentioned that I could use a good pair of boyfriend jeans and I know I said I was looking for a sweater that was long enough for me.

Along with my box I got a note (thanking me for being so specific) and some styling ideas.
Here’s what I got:

Stitch Fix box Review what's in the box

And this dress for $68


Stitch Fix review 41Hawthorne Chevron Dress
For a first fix, which I heard runs a higher risk of being a miss, I was totally impressed. She was SO close to the mark.

41hawthorn presley sweater stitch fix

I really liked the 41Hawthorn sweater. I thought the colors were great and loved the buttons down the back and it fit well.  In the picture and in real life the point is not centered. It bothered me more than I expected.

Stitch Fix Review Market & Spruce

The Market & Spruce blouse made me laugh. I JUST got rid of a blouse with a very similar print. So, I loved it enough to have purchased it once.

Stitch Fix Denim Review Kut from the Kloth

The Kut from The Kloth Jeans. I. Love. These. Jeans. They are so soft and she absolutely nailed the proportions. She definitely thought about the fit with these which is perhaps the most convincing thing about Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix Kut from Kloth review

The necklace I love. And while totally impractical for a mom of 4 I’m keeping it because I do, on occasion go out without the kids.

Stitch Fix 41hawthron Chevron Dress

The dress. The 41Hawthron Chevron Dress is the one really heartbreaking thing about this box.  I love, love, love the dress. The cut, the fit, the fabric, the price… I just really hate the chevron. Specifically, this grey and white chevron. I’ll let her know this was the only place she missed the mark. Any other print and I would have kept it.

If you go on my pinterest board you can totally see where she got inspiration for this box. I was a bit dubious on the personal stylist thing, but she really did take a personal approach and do her best to find something that I would like.

VERDICT:  Even though I’m not keeping everything I’m officially a Stitch Fix fan.  The fact that everything fit well is nothing short of amazing (since she’s never actually seen me) and the prints weren’t that far off. For my very first Stitch Fix box I was impressed. She missed the mark only by going what I think was a pretty safe route with some pretty popular prints (bird print and chevron). I guess the downside of having worked retail for so long is that I’ve seen those prints a little too much at this point.

Try it yourself! Here’s my referral link to give it a shot. I’ll be sure to post reviews of my next box too.

Stitch Fix Review Denim Blouse Necklace

16 thoughts on “I Jumped On the Stitch Fix Bandwagon. A Stitch Fix Review

  1. I wish they had a maternity version!! I’ll consider checking them out when I’m back to prepregnancy weight, lol… I’ve been curious for a long while too. Knowing you, she did nail the style picks though! Lots of cute stuff.


  2. i don’t like chevron either, something i usually keep to myself because everyone else loves it so much! i saw that dress and thought, “killer dress. chevron, though…”
    i can’t believe you have a 6-month old. my baby’s a month older and i still look like a postpartum mess.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that’s what sold me really, on the whole Stitch Fix thing. I find jeans to be such a hard fit and she really listened to why and worked with it.


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  5. Thank you so much for letting me know how much you love your Kut from the Cloth jeans. I’m hoping to wear mine this weekend! The chevron dress looks great on you but if you don’t like chevron, you know you won’t wear it. Isn’t Stitch Fix fun? I just love getting a box of surprises each month.


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