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February Stitch Fix Review

So I told you all about how I doubted Stitch Fix, tried it anyway and my stylist knocked it out of the park. 

This time I got a new stylist. I’m kinda disappointed because the other one did such an amazing job and I was hoping to get the same one.

So, how’d the new stylist do?
Here’s what I got in my February Stitch Fix along with a gold clutch which you’ll see in some of the pictures.

Stitch fix feb

Let’s start with the Le Lis Adea Faux Suede Button Back Top

Stitch Fix Review february black Le Lis Top

There is nothing wrong with this top. It has a great mix of textures with the faux suede and jersey and it’s black, which I like and has buttons down the back which is always a cute touch.  The cut with the seam across the bust is not particularly flattering and the a-line shape isn’t really doing it for me. I am lucky enough to have a waist after 4 children and this top hides my slimmest part. Also, I’m the queen of black tops. This one is definitely going back.

The Hailey 23 Floral Marcia Dress

Stitch fix review february floral Marcia Dress

This dress is super cute and the large floral graphic is definitely on trend. The stylist noticed that I like floral prints which was pretty keen-eyed since I didn’t post many florals.  I like the cut of the dress, it’s not particularly flattering for my body type (same issue as the faux suede top) but the material makes it work. There’s just one thing I need to pull this one off: long legs.

It took me a long time to figure out why dresses were too short on me but looked great on other people and it’s because my upper half is much taller than my lower half.  Being long-legged make dresses look short, being long waisted makes your dress actually short and your butt hangs out. I don’t resent it until I come across a cute dress like this one and realize that I won’t actually be able to move in it without someone being able to see exactly what underwear I’m wearing. Also, cellulite. I’m fine with it, but maybe not enough to show it off. I know I mentioned this so I don’t really feel heard on this one. Sending this one back. It makes me sad.

Collective Concepts Clarinda Dress

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset



I asked for a dress for my Valentine’s Day date to the ballet and this one definitely fits the bill for romantic but maybe not the bill for February.  It’s exactly my color- that is to say, it is exactly the color of me.  I love neutrals, but I’m not entirely sure if I can pull off this color in February. I do think this dress would be great for a cruise I’m going on in June.

I don’t have a strapless bra (because breastfeeding) so I’ll need to pick one up… just like I need to pick up that Melissa and Doug maraca.  PS. Still short. Also, I don’t live in Florida. It’s cold in Richmond in February. There’s a lot I like about this one, but it’s very summery.

Verdict: Meh?  I’m unconvinced. Should I keep it? Please give me your opinions in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

41 Hawthorn Montreal Henley Blouse

41Hawthorn Montreal Henley Blouse

I like this blouse. I’m not particularly excited by it, but I like it. Black and white prints are always a winner with me. The print is kind of meh. I do need blouses though so I hate to send it back.

Overall, this stylist didn’t really seem to put the same amount of consideration into my body type (or the weather) as my first one did.  While she definitely picked things I liked, the cuts really weren’t right for my body (or the weather).   on the other hand, I never would have tried out the Clarinda Dress on my own, and that’s exactly what I like about Stitch Fix.


The clutch is super cute, it may be the one thing I keep this fix. BUT I still need a Valentine’s Day dress soooo… I need your help.  Keep the Clarinda Dress? Send it back?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Honest stitch fix review clutch


Stitch Fix matches you up with a personal stylist and sends hand picked clothes straight to your door. A styling fee of $20 goes towards the purchase of your items and a 25% discount is offered if you keep all 5 items. If this review or any of my other reviews encourages you to try Stitch Fix, please consider using my referral link.


If you’d like to see more fixes from other bloggers you can check them out here.

5 thoughts on “February Stitch Fix Review

  1. Well, you look good in anything but ultimately for me, are you comfortable in it? Would you wear it again? That’s how I would choose 🙂


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