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Kitchen Renovation + House Full of Sickies

Hi. Long time no see.

I expected a lot to go wrong when we started the kitchen renovation. Electricity issues, things not coming in on time, us not knowing how to actually renovate a kitchen…

What I did not expect was a week and a half delay for all of us to get flat on our asses sick with one of the worst colds we’ve had in awhile.

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And with six people in a house, everyone falls like dominoes until you’ve all become a pathetic puddle of feverish snot, with possible pink eye, shuffling around the house drinking soup and wincing every time you swallow. We’re still not over it.

So we did not, as I had hoped, work on the kitchen this past weekend.  Still, the beginnings of the kitchen is starting to take shape.

Getting rid of the old kitchen, while it was simple, it wasn’t exactly easy.   Since the old kitchen cabinets were actually built into the wall (as opposed to being built and then hung on the wall) coaxing the house to let go of the cabinets took a little longer than we expected. And by coaxing, we mean, with a crowbar and a hammer.


goodbye kitchen

Another daunting task was getting rid of the oven and the range and converting to an all-in-one oven/range, this frees up a little bit of space when you open the door and hopefully will make the kitchen feel a little roomier.

kitchen demo

I had adjusted to washing the dishes in the bathroom sink, but I wasn’t interested in getting rid of the ability to cook anything so timing out the rewiring of the kitchen was important so we could put the new stove in right after we took the old one out.  Instead of waiting for an oven to be delivered we went and picked one up straight from the store on a Friday night so everything would be ready to go on Saturday. Saturday afternoon, the electrician set up the new wiring while we did the demo and then he hooked up the oven for us.

I’m not quite sure how we pulled it off but we did.

Kitchen ren

We’ve still got a little way to go before the sink can be put in and the dishwasher hooked up, but things are FINALLY moving forward.

Next week is spring break and we plan to be out of town which is frustrating on a kitchen standpoint but sorely needed after busy weeks and sickness. I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is going to be a Saturday project and it’s just going to take a while (saving $17,000 has helped ease the pain).

if you squint real hard, you can see what the kitchen will look like someday… Hopefully we’ll have a big reveal before summer.


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