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It’s no joke… We have a kitchen sink again!

After 3 months of doing dishes in our tiny bathroom we finally have a kitchen sink (and dishwasher) again!

I can’t begin to tell you how happy this makes me.

I’m really happy with how our counters turned out. I love marble, but I also love lemons and other acidic and staining foods so I decided to go with a faux marble formica instead.

I had planned to purchase the countertops from the Big-Box-Home-Improvement-Store which had done the initial $17,000 estimate.  When I emailed telling them we wouldn’t be moving forward with the renovation I mentioned I’d like to go ahead and place an order for the countertops but I didn’t hear back (surprise, surprise). So I went ahead and just showed up to the store and place the order in person.

I pride myself on being a nice person. I try to be nice to everyone… but I suppose I had a look about me because the woman who worked there gave me one look and passed me the phone number to order my counters from the same manufacturer they use.

“Do you want to just order them directly?” she looked at me blankly.

Yes actually, I do.

BBHIS estimate: $1084 for materials & $400 for labor

The final price: $262 for materials & $0 for labor.

So far we’ve saved over $4,000 on our preferred cabinets and the EXACT SAME countertop. Bonus: we’re also 18 days ahead of schedule for having a working sink and dishwasher. (Not bad considering this is including our week and a half of being sick and going out of town for spring break.)

Next up for the DIY kitchen renovation is the inside of the drawers and cabinets. Then we pick and install the floors.  We also plan to install new open shelving, a tile backsplash and paint, so there is still a lot to do…

But right now what we’ve been really excited about it countertops and running water.




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