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April Stitch Fix Review: Lots of Tops


So, this is like a 2 for 1 Stitch Fix review because I was down with the flu/cold from hell and didn’t do my March review… but I did get a fix. So, grab a cup of coffee and settle in for some virtual closet peeping because this one is an extra long one.

If you’re new to Stitch Fix:
Stitch Fix sends personally styled items to your home for a $20 styling fee. If you love an item,  your $20 fee is applied to your final purchase. Stitch Fix sends apparel and accessories in a range of prices based on your style profile and sends suggestions on how to style your items. If you’d like to give Stitch Fix a try, please consider using my referral link. I receive a $25 credit to Stitch Fix which keeps these reviews coming.

I’ll start with April, because it is April, and work backwards.

Stitch Fix Review April 2016 full set

April Stitch Fix


Somehow my stylist saw that I only wanted tops this time around. I didn’t remember saying that but I guess I did.  Since I’m losing a lot of weight doing the no dairy/no meat plant-based thing I know I changed my settings to no bottoms since I really don’t know what size I am. I wasn’t opposed to dresses but tops are what I got.  They are my favorite anyway.

Stitch Fix Review 41Hawthron Bethany Faux Wrap Knit Top

41Hawthorn Bethany Faux Wrap Knit Top
I’ll start with this because it was the only top in my box that was distinctly not me. It’s a stretchy knit wrap top. It fit well, but I’m not really into the color or the print.  I do think it would be cute if I worked in an office…?  If it was my style, it would have been great to nurse in.

April Stitch Fix Review 41Hawthron McAdams Beaded Neckline Blouse


41Hawthorn McAdams Beaded Neckline Blouse
It had grey and black embroidery around the neckline and a henley style buttons down the front.  I was a little “meh” about it at first but really loved it when I layered it with a blazer. Sadly the whole thing was just a little big and I didn’t want to feel obligated to wear it only layered (I have another tank like that already).  Super cute though.

Stitch Fix Review 41Hawthron Sybill Scoop Neck Blouse

41Hawthorn Sybill Scoop Neck Blouse
I really liked this top. Perhaps I should have kept it. The fit was okay, kind of boxy (which I’m noticing a lot of these blouses are) but the real problem was white + kids. I don’t normally think or care about that but as I was taking these pictures my littlest guy was going through a clingy phase and demanding to be picked up. When my hand is down in these pictures it’s not me trying to be cool, I’m actually just holding my velcro-baby’s hand. Anyway, right now, with kids, I’d ruin it in a heartbeat.  As much as I love white, I’m sticking to bleachable cotton tees for right now.
I really did love this top though.

April Stitch Fix Review THML Lenon Embroidered Top

THML Lenon Embroidered Top
KEEPER! Loved the lightweight gauzy fabric and the embroidery.  I can layer it up or wear it alone and the embroidery satisfied my desire for patterns while also the reality that I really just wear solids.
I wore it today paired with some bootcut denim which I pulled down from the attic with a real, genuine knee hole made from about 7 years of love and got compliments already. And I’ve barely been out today.

Bay to Baubles Mona Crescent Fringe Necklace
This was a really fun piece I don’t have a great picture of. A little big for me but very cool and fun to try on. It might be hard to see in the picture but it’s an antique gold color with metal fringe. I probably wouldn’t wear it and it didn’t stand a chance in my house  so it went back.

Overall, April was a great fix. For some reason when I sent my feedback I got an apology email saying “sorry you didn’t love your fix”. Oops. If you’re somehow reading this, dear stylist, I DID love my fix… For me success really isn’t about keeping all the pieces. I’m happy for find one I really love and I wouldn’t have picked up or tried on on my own. The embroidered top definitely fits the bill.


Now moving backwards to March.

March Stitch Fix Review outfit set

March Stitch Fix


Some of my basic blazers are well loved and getting kinda threadbare so I asked for a new basic blazer not so secretly hoping I would get this one. And then some other fun items.

Tart Anahi Knit Blazer Stitch fix review

Tart Anahi Knit Blazer
When I pulled this blazer out of the box I LOVED it. Super soft stretchy fabric with a great fit. It had an open front, light shoulder padding to give it shape, and ruched 3/4 sleeves. Loved. It.
Then I checked the price. $148. Ouf.
Suddenly I only liked it. Funny how that works.  For $148 I would have preferred something I could wear year around. Hemmed. Hawed. Realized I don’t have $148 for a spring blazer and sent it back. Sad face.


Stitch Fix Review Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee

Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee
I loved this little tee, super soft and easy to wear. I’m the queen of black, white and grey so it wasn’t different enough to keep but it’s really a cute top.

41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse Stitch fix review


41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse
Static city. It was hard to get a good picture of this one because it was so clingy. Also it was very green. The roll sleeves didn’t stay rolled as you can see from the picture. Basically, this top was awful.

Just Black Irina Braided Pocket Flare Jeans stitch fix


Just Black Irina Braided Pocket Flare Jeans
These are super cool, very on trend and nice WIDE flares.  I have to just describe the wideness of these flares for a moment because I actually couldn’t get a picture of the whole thing to save my life.  These were SOOOOO soft, very elongating (and just plain long, I wore 4″ platform wedges and they were still grazing the ground). They had a nice high waist and I loved the braid detail at the pockets.
Were I in the market for a pair of wide flares with a 50″ inseam I would have kept these in a heartbeat.  I happened to have a nearly identical pair (sans braiding and length) that I never wear but spent a boatload on the last time flares were a thing. If you need a great flare though, request the Irina Braided Pocket Flare Jeans because they are super cute and comfortable. Prepare to get them hemmed. Unless you’re a giant.

Stitch Fix review Jill Michaels V Charm Necklace

Jill Michael Livia V-Charm Necklace
I would have passed right over this necklace in a store but I just love it. This one was my keeper for the set and I wear it all the time. I love how delicate it is and in comparison to the other Jill Michael Jewelry it’s a great deal. So happy with this little charm.

So, I’m getting yet another fix in April and I’m determined to get better photos for you since people seem to be enjoying the fixes.

HINT: If you loved one of these items PIN IT to your Stitch Fix board for your stylist to see!

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One thought on “April Stitch Fix Review: Lots of Tops

  1. Oh I am so pinning that V-Charm Necklace. I hate that you were sick, but two for one is so fun! Yay for extra clothes!


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