About Mama and Family

jeff and sarahWelcome to Multifaceted Mama.

Since you checked out the About Page I can only assume you are wondering, “who are these people?”

Meet Mama
I’m Sarah Cole and I’m in Richmond, Virginia (go Rams). Former local actor, store manager and Jack-of-all-trades, I recently left a job as a content manager of a local parenting resource to pursue freelance work and reconnect with an old flame, Multifaceted Mama (formally The Motherblog).
Special talent: remembering minute details and stories people tell me but I can’t remember their names.
Loves: window shopping.
Hates: celery.

The unbearably patient man in the above photo. Jeff is a public school teacher and has taught English, public speaking, drama and theatre production. He moonlights as an actor, director and adjunct college professor.  He is the soother of babies and has been my cheerleader, confidant and best friend for 10 years.
Special talent: knowledge of random trivia and (thankfully) editing.
Loves: Transformers.
Hates: onions.

The Cole Brothers

Max cole schoolMax:
Max is 9 going on 39.  His favorite things are Pokemon, adventure books, YouTube and avoiding bedtime by talking current events with mama.
Special talent: best big brother. Ever.
Loves: Pokemon.
Hates: cleaning his room.

Hudson Leather JacketHudson:
Hudson sees the world differently from anyone we know.  He’s from another world and yet he’s stuck here with the rest of us.
Hudson is creative, funny and in constant motion. Special talent: sneaking food from our hiding spots.
Loves: Plants vs. Zombies 2 and the color blue.
Hates: school.

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 preset

He’s the two-y-est two year old who ever turned two.
Special talent: he could hum the theme to Star Wars before he could speak. Also does an excellent impression of a dinosaur.
Loves: everyone.
Hates: getting his hair washed.

langston squareLangston:
The newest addition to the Cole Tribe. He’s got dimples.
Special talent: the power of excessive drool.
Loves: boobs.
Hates: bottles.

I can’t promise what Multifaceted Mama will be in the long run (though I’ve got a few ideas), but I can promise what it won’t be.  It won’t be about my perfect life, my perfect parenting skills and my perfect children. I won’t have perfect pictures, or a perfect house. I won’t always be thoughtful. I won’t always be insightful. I will be honest. 


Contact me via email, through Facebook, or on Twitter.

One thought on “About Mama and Family

  1. Hi Sarah! It was so nice to see you again today… Max and Hudson look great! I miss Max but will definitely see you in the shop again and maybe you guys can visit TMS at some point. Tell Max hi from Mrs. Mary!


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